Sunday, January 13, 2008

What To Do Now?????

I've reached a crossroads.  What to do?  I'm almost down to doing the background stitching.  At this point I don't feel very creative.  Following the piece of vintage embroidery I found on the Internet has been interesting; trying to stick to the colors and design has been challenging.  However,  doing the Kantha running stitch on the background will result in a piece not like the other two I've completed.  I'm considering embellishing yarn onto the background.  I started out emulating one of Jean Littlejohn's embellishment pieces for my "inspiration" in the TIF Challenge. With this piece I totally took off on a tangent not inspired by Jean at all.  What it comes down to I think is that I don't feel I'm being creative.  I'm choosing colors not by intuition but by solving the puzzle of which colors go where.  I'll need to take off these handcuffs for my fourth piece.


MargB said...

I love your collection, Caroline. It is very ambitious to do so many. I really love the stitching on this last one and can't wait to see them all together.

Caroline Commins said...

Thanks Marg!
I've decided to stop using the design in the vintage embroidery piece and follow my own instincts. I feel better all ready!

Sequana said...

Sometimes I get to feeling that I'm doing some kind of "paint by numbers" thing and that displeases me. I think that's where you were beginning to go, don't you?

You'll be much happier now.

Caroline Commins said...

Thank you, Sequana!
Yes! I feel much better now that I am not "painting by numbers." Filling in the background with the running stitch is not as easy as it looks.

Aussie Jo said...

I think your piece is very effective and individual, can't wait to see it finished!

Caroline Commins said...

Thanks, Aussie Jo,
I'm going to post today with more progress on my felt piece. I'm still having thoughts about whether I like this way of embroidering.