Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Funny Story

Want to hear a good one? The other day I found a spot in my sewing room where it looked like Freddie had peed. It had been there a few days because it was starting to mold and the mold was growing. The mold was all these pastel colors. I couldn't figure out when he had done it. I put off cleaning the spot until today, although I looked at it several times. I took everything off the bookcase in order to move it. I wanted to clean under the leg of the bookcase, too. I shook the can of cleaner and bent over to spray the spot. The mold had grown higher, I thought. (Weird, eh?) I decided I'd better wipe up the mold then spray the spot. As I bent closer, I realized it wasn't colored mold. . . . . . it was a piece of pastel colored tulle that had fallen on the floor. I couldn't believe I had been so mistaken about the moldy monster growing on my new carpet, especially when it was these pretty pastel colors. I felt pretty stupid. But, I was glad it wasn't Freddie's pee after all.

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