Thursday, February 28, 2008

Colors for the Primitive Embroidery Piece

Vero, in answer to your question, these are the colors of silk thread that I've chosen to use on my Primitive piece. I will leave the green background as is and fill in the design spaces with the colors. I may do a "mock up" on paper, first, to see which way I want to go. The lines will be heavily embroidered over with black silk thread. As you can see, the thread is Splendor's 12 ply silk. The thread easily separates into 4 ply strands which is how I use the silk. I love the feel of pulling silk thread through wool felt - very satisfying.

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verobirdie said...

Thank you Caroline for those kind answeres. The colors are really you :-)
I don't know this brand of thread but they seem quite gorgeous, yummy. This will be very lively.