Friday, February 1, 2008

TIF Challenge for February

Sharon has posted a wonderful challenge for February. The concept is "What are we old enough to remember." There are so many things I remember: Shirley Temple dolls and paper dolls, my Schwinn bicycle, coloring books and Crayola crayons, my grandmother's summer cottage on the Pacific coast just south of San Francisco, driving there in my grandfather's Buick - passing the pig farms while holding our noses, reading fairy tales and the Book of Knowledge, street cars, and finally, the item I've chosen to work with: roller skates.

Photos are the Challenge colors.


freebird said...

The Book of Knowledge - that wasn't an orange set of books was it? I remember a set with one book of poetry, one of hisorical stories, one of nursery rhymes, and on and on. It was quite a large wonderful set. And I forgot about the skates.

Caroline Commins said...

No, the Book of Knowledge had different subjects continued all through the books. Like each book had a chapter on how to make something, a chapter of a fairy tale, a chapter on science, and so forth. I think they were a maroon color. I know which ones the orange covered ones are. I think I bought a set for my kids when they were little. And, yes, each book was a different subject.